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Replacing old negative messages in the subconscious mind with new positive affirmations

Myths & Facts about hypnosis


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis..... we hypnotize ourselves using a guide,
90% of us can reach a medium trance,
8% can reach a very deep trance,
3% cannot enter a tranceHypnosis can be used to forget someone
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The effects of self-hypnosis can last for months, years or decades
The effects of self-hypnosis can last for months, years or decades
Hypnosis can be used to recall long forgotten memories. (
Hospitals use hypnotherapy, and is part of the UK national health system
The police have solved many crimes using hypnosis


A hypnotist can dominate me. (false)
I can be made to do something against my will,
(false: if something is not right you wake up)I can get stuck in a trance (false) you simply awaken.You can be made to reveal your deepest secrets (false)
Hypnosis is sleep (false) totally different brain waves.
Self-hypnosis is a placebo effect
(false) it's very powerful.
Only weak people can be hypnotized (false) that's not a factor.
Hypnosis is connected with magic or the occult
(false) : a science.


Self-hypnosis techniques by Paul Clinton

shaman-drum.The Shamanic Rhythms Produced using a 22" Shaman rosewood drum. Cycles are produced using 4.5 beats per second (theta) a typical traditional rhythm used for centuries to transport the shaman healers into deep realms of consciousness.

read more about binaural brainwave technologyThe Binaural Beats have been blended into the sounds of the ocean waves, running streams, wind, and bird sounds. Brain waves are generated using a 346 Hz sine wave, played into the right ear and 339 Hz into the left ear, the brain is entrained towards a beat frequency of 7 Hz (Theta Hypnosis)

iconThe Hypnotic Induction Multiple self-hypnosis techniques have been blended into the voice using a progressive journey script, nature sound effects, hypnotic music, and tones, with over ten different scenes to choose from including a Beach, Cosmic, Sahara, Garden, Amazon Rainforest etc.

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our brain controls us

Most people think they're in full control of their actions

Why do people fail diets, or get addicted and obsessed, or lack motivation, fail an exam, become nervous on stage, or become silly or shy on a date?

It's not because these people are weak, because even champion athletes, presidents, leaders, pop stars, and almost everyone, go against their own logical thoughts, lose control, or become irrational, when our subconscious mind starts to dominate and take over. Our inner mind takes up 92% of our brain, capable of over a trillion functions simultaneously, and when it has a disagreement with the conscious mind (cortex) it usually wins, unless you learn how to influence and control this super power.


man eating lemon

Are you in full control?

Airport security and police scan your facial micro-expressions that you normally don't control. Think of eating a lemon, I'm sure you'll produce more saliva.

Could you be totally calm and relaxed riding on a roller-coaster? and what about blushing, or sweating in a nervous situation. Our subconscious mind often automatically controls many of our thoughts, and actions, and can recall in vivid detail every day of our life since birth.



Our brain reacts to our thoughts as if they really happen

Scientists have now proved that reading a novel produces changes in our brain scans. e.g. reading a book about lifting weights usually activates the neurons associated with the physical act of lifting, or dreaming about driving a fast car, activates the part of our brain used for driving. This is one of the reasons that self-hypnosis is so effective.

"I think therefore I am" ...... Descartes


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Control and influence your mind

You can gain dominance by opening the door to your subconscious mind and put in a new program, a message, or an order, that will keep on working automatically, all the time, even while you sleep.

This can be done with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, autosuggestion, NLP hypnotism, or other methods of trance induction such as guided meditation.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool used around the world for decades by doctors, dentists, hospitals, and police, to open the gateway to the subconscious mind to produce positive goals and change.


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One type of induction method is not enough! I use multiple

hypnotic techniques to cater for each personality:























 Brainwave Technology
diagram to compare brain waves click for more info

The binaural beats stimulate a physiological response to the superior olivary nucleus. This is the part of our brain which is associated with listening to sounds and in particular moving noises and sounds.

The Isochronic Pulses work quite similar but without the need of stereo channels, by using a difference of two beats, designed to produce theta brain waves. The EEG scan shows differences between a normal person and a man relaxed in a hypnotic trance listening to brainwaves from the Amazon Rainforest Journey Induction.

The theta wave binaural beats help the brain to copy a relaxed state, while the alpha or beta brainwaves normally cause stimulation, and hyperactivity. Theta is the best brainwave to emulate when using self-hypnosis to produce a deep trance. This brainwave pattern and frequency 4 - 7 hz can be seen when we are very relaxed, meditating, feeling spiritual, hypnotized, REM sleep and dreaming.


Techniques included in the audios

Guided Meditation

Hollywood sound-effects

Isochronic Pulses

Self-hypnosis Anchoring

Trance induction

Theta cycles 4.5 beats

Binaural Beats

Mental Misdirectioning

Hypnotic music

Sensorial stimulation


Progressive Journeys

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Nature Sounds

Hypnotic Reinduction

Indirect Suggestions

Shamanic Rhythms

Rhythmic Drumming


Paul Clinton working with celebrities :

Paul Allen (microsoft)

Paul Anka (singer)

Barbara Mori (actress)

Matt Damon (actor)

Dannii Minogue (singer)

Juan Baptista (actor)

Diana Krall (singer)

Dulce Pontes (singer)

Herbie Hancock (musician)

Juanes (singer)

Kate Moss (model)

Aaron Hadlow (kite surf)

Leonid Kuchma (president)

Bill Kazmaier (strongman)

Lakshmi Mittal (billionaire)

Azemah Ni'matul (princess)

Many more celebrities use hypnosis 



Forget Someone

So many ex-couples are suffering from unwanted memories, and the harder they try to forget them, it just seems to get worse. (if I say "Don't think of a pink elephant" I'm sure you will) Everything seems to remind you of your ex, and can bring back a flood of feelings and associations. All those memories have been stored, and will always keep popping up and disturbing you until you finally find the key to blur them away. The best (and probably the only) way to wipe away those associations and strong emotional feelings is to get access to them with permission to delete them forever. Open the door to your subconscious mind and watch those memories fade away.



stressed man

Hypnosis: anxiety , stress worry, panic?

These relaxing audio downloads will take away your negative thoughts and replace them with uplifting but relaxing anti-stress affirmations, making you feel tranquil and happy. Your stress will flow out of your body, any anxiety will be reduced to unimportant thoughts, your worries will be left in the past, and you'll be ready for a new life and a new way to think. These autosuggestive Mp3s are powerful and effective, soothing, calming, and guaranteed.



slim girl

Autohypnosis for Weight-loss and slimming

Popular self-help programs for losing pounds and for getting your body into shape. A very complete package which includes affirmations for nutrition to enjoy healthy food, for a greater desire to do some exercise, flat stomach, and even to overcome the typical excuses by boosting your motivation for exercise and healthy eating, and having a new disgust for sugar and fattening foods, while increasing your metabolic rate. Look and feel beautiful. Self Control, Fat Metabolism, Satiety. Hunger, Energy, Stamina more information and download





girl smoking

Autosuggestions to Stop Smoking

A unique method for quitting smoking. Apart from the obvious methods of relaxation, and motivation, there is a physical technique to help the client to avoid nicotine and unwanted unpleasant effects. Stop the addiction and the withdrawal symptoms, freedom from stress using the self-help autosuggestive hypnosis programs. This three step audio pack will help you to quit, and then follow a healthy maintenance to ward off the subsequent withdrawal symptoms. Smoking is so bad for your health in many ways and if you deny this it's because the actual addiction tries to distort your normal logical thoughts in every way just to get the next smoke.






Improve music and creativity using meditative audios

This complete program will help you to tap into your right hemisphere of the brain to increase creativity and enhance your desire and passion to play and learn. You'll enjoy every note of music and love practicing, especially with new techniques, chords, harmony, and the ability to reproduce with your own personality and authenticity after listening to these fascinating hypnotizing journeys, which are ready for download.



For a wedding speech and public speaking

In this site you will find many guaranteed self-hypnosis sessions in the form of downloads. e.g. public speaking which includes raising your self-esteem, confidence, political speeches, and socializing. We also concentrate on seduction, talking to women, and making friends, so that you'll lead the way. Hypnotherapy for public speaking is very common and can be combined with anxiety counseling, confidence, and mental self-help hypnosis. More info on anxiety and public speaking using trance inducing meditative audio Mp3s.


spanish woman

Trance Inducing Autosuggestions to Learn Spanish

Fast and easy, and effective programs using hypnotic memory. Learn the Spanish verbs, learn how to speak a Spanish conversation, typical phrases, for basic Spanish and advanced language. You can even playback these Mp3 recordings while you sleep, and let your subconscious mind absorb the new information recording each new word of Spanish.

See also: Italian Russian Chinese French German Portuguese Arabic


build more muscle mass

Self-hypnosis to increase muscle for Bodybuilding

The first major change in bodybuilders is the increased motivation and passion for training. Then we have the ability to pass the pain barrier and train harder. We get a better blood flow to the muscles, energy, adrenaline, better appetite, and more reps which means more mass and size, and extra strength. Click for bodybuilding hypnosis


overcome pain

Hypnotherapy to overcome pain?

The signal for pain originates in our brain, after being stimulated by certain nerves. We can alleviate pain using hypnosis to overwrite the messages, and replace numb soothing thoughts. Doctors have used painless hypnosis to overcome the distress of arthritis and to perform operations because it is quite effective. Dentists have used hypnosis not only to calm the nerves and stress of the dental work but also to perform on patients who may not be healthy enough to take pain killers. We normally produce our own natural pain killers called endorphins, but sometimes this process gets a bit stale and we need to boost our hormone release with self-hypnosis.


increase your wealth

Self-hypnosis program to generate money & business?

These self-help Mp3s have been designed to create your own prosperity and abundance by using the power of motivation, and creative, positive, visualization, with repetitive key positive phrases to enhance your ambition. Attract and influence people with your new strategy combining subliminal expressions, posture, vocal expertise, and charisma, to improve your leadership power. Prosperity, goals, plans, strategy, and wealth, all in one program. Successful techniques to attract investment & business, or redesign your future with interview preparation.


become fully feminized

Self-hypnosis for Transsexualism and Feminization?

Feminization hypnosis using autosuggestion is very popular for transsexuals and for crossdressing because it's so very effective for creating powerful feminine changes such as the tone of your voice. We also concentrate on changing gestures, facial expressions and walk to produce a feminine image which is ideal for seduction or dating.
In this site you will find a wide range of programs e.g. dating women for TS, dating men, or crossdressing coming out, and feminization for weekend crossdressing. You'll transmit feminine micro-expressions, and give off the perfect signals, and subliminal messages expressing your new impressive lady-look.

You maybe interested in self-hypnosis for gay men for either boosting gay pride, coming out, or even to become 100% heterosexual



book about hypnosis

"Hypnosis for Self Help" Free with each order

Excerpt: Hypnosis is a very normal altered state of consciousness, one we all experience now and again in which the mind remains clear, and focused on something, as if watching a mesmerizing movie or driving to work on "auto pilot?" and this is the same kind of state as hypnosis. Some misconceptions about hypnosis are that one might not wake up, but even the deepest most suggestible persons always wake up. Maybe someone might think it might be a frightening experience similar to a bad trip, but it's actually very normal and very pleasant. After being in a hypnotic trance many people are surprised at how relaxing and happy they feel.

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