Hypnosis & Binaural Beat Technology

Brainwave entrainment using a frequency of Theta

The Binaural Beats are often blended into the sounds of ocean waves, running streams, wind, and bird sounds. The brain waves are generated using a particular frequency e.g.. 346 Hz sine wave, played into the right ear and a 339 Hz one, into the left ear, the brain is entrained towards the beat frequency (7 Hz, in the theta range) in Mp3. this is the difference between the left and right channels. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. The frequency following response of the brain to the audio inputs helps us to convert our own brain frequency into the desired effect of gamma, theta, alpha, beta or delta brainwaves.

I have a video on Youtube using beta brainwave binaural beats as an experiment, and the response has been incredible. 90% of all listeners have boosted their energy levels and sense of alertness, and many have become very hyper.

The physiological response to binaural beats are supposed to stimulate the superior olivary nucleus part of the brain. This is the part of our brain which is associated with listening to sounds and in particular moving noises and sounds. The isochronic pulses work in a similar way but using a difference of two beats to produce the desired effects.

Delta waves have a frequency less than 4hz and are associated with deep sleep.

Theta waves have a frequency between 4 to 7hz and produce sensations of deep relaxation, sleep, and meditation and states of trance.

When the brain is entrained with Alpha waves there is a frequency of between 7 to 14 hz. the brain reaches the alpha state during rem sleep, dreaming, and certain trance states.

Gamma waves are higher than 40hz and produce adrenaline, energy, higher perception, and concentration.