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Bodybuilding Hypnosis


  • Increased strength & more repetitions.
  • Remove obstacles, doubts, and hesitation.
  • Focus clearly, sharp and concentrated.
  • Improve your energy and stamina.
  • Faster recuperation.
  • Listen to a Pre-Gym "Psych up" to boost your workout.
  • Increase motivation and drive with enthusiastic passionate training.
  • Mental Workouts using visualization: A hard monster workout in your mind for each muscle group and then visualize the massive pump.
  • Alleviate pre-competition nerves.
  • Overcome strength training plateaus, and strength barriers
  • Increased nitrogen retention for muscle growth and recovery
  • More blood to the muscles, to increase the capacity limit of the blood capillaries thus allowing more blood to flood the muscles for size and strength.
  • Self belief, where you magine the results, and imagine the performance before the lifting.
  • Improved style of training and perfect form.
  • Special appetite for certain foods perfect for bodybuilding.
  • Release hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins while you train. Stimulate the pituitary gland to release more hormones.(Hgh and testosterone) The mind is very powerfu. If we are confronted with a rabid wolf, we produce large amounts of adrenaline (also useful for training) If you think about eating a lemon you start to produce saliva.


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Muscle Mass


bodybuilder with a dumbellImagine that each time you go to the gym you always maximize your workout and train each muscle fiber to 100%, and every night while you sleep you'll be sending the right amount of nutrients and amino acids to your muscle cells for rapid recuperation and growth. Imagine trying a new technique that actually works without any placebo effect, instead of experimenting with the variety of expensive supplements that make amazing but false claims.


Pain barrier. Sometimes, we don't know why we just can't seem to push through the pain barrier, and we stay on the same plateau for months on end with only minimal growth, but now you have the chance to discover a new method of training and building muscle. Imagine that your subconscious mind was programmed using self-hypnosis to grow more muscle, to be stronger, with more dedication and motivation for training harder, and to force out more reps.


Maybe in the gym you've heard the word: anabolic. Maybe you know of other lifters that use anabolic steroids, nevertheless, to hear the word "anabolic" probably unties feelings of fear, curiosity, confusion, etc. The term anabolism refers to tissue construction, (muscle building) in this case, muscle tissue, while catabolism means tissue destruction and everything opposite, that is to say, by means of the catabolic hormone: the cortical hormone. (corticoids)


An ideal state for growth would be to reduce your body stress and put yourself in the anabolic mode to retain nitrogen.

bodybuilder flexing his armHypnotist Paul C. Joy (also a competitive bodybuilder :3rd Wales 1987) first designed these programs for his own personal muscle growth, and loved the results. Listening to these audios before bedtime will produce and release more testosterone, and hgh. Listening before a workout will increase power, strength and motivation, more reps, sets, and pump.    

Ask any bodybuilder what happens to his muscles when he takes Testosterone or Growth-Hormone, he grows a lot of muscle mass! The message to produce more testosterone and growth hormone comes from the brain. (pituitary gland)

There are many ways to increase hormone production e.g. certain foods, amino acids, sport, and self-hypnosis. The natural muscle training programs have been designed to enhance your nutrition, motivational training and workouts.

You may have taken artificial substances to boost your growth and training and think that the time has come for a rest, but your dreading the three months coming down, losing strength, motivation and shrinking, or maybe you love bodybuilding but don't want to use any drastic substances. Now you have the chance to increase your motivation, muscle mass, strength, and create natural body changes with the following trusted, guaranteed program.

Your mind is more powerful than you think, and just to show you an example, simply think about eating a lemon and your mouth will secrete more saliva. Think about running away from hungry lions, and if you really believe this scene then you'll produce more adrenaline, more blood flow to the muscles, more ATP for strength, and more testosterone.

The subconscious mind is very powerful and can help you to make dramatic exciting changes for strength, size and motivation.

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muscle growth cd coverWouldn't it be just fantastic to get results from your workouts, and to receive your just reward for all your hard work that you deserve. You can now start the following program, download the advanced pack or maybe the simple pre-workout motivational booster and start getting results right now.


" I've already tried this hypnosis method & I gotta say I was impressed. I was able to "zone out" while doing bicep curls & I did 57 curls before stopping! that amazing .... the next day my left bicep was sore, and remained sore for about 2 days but its recovered now and much stronger than b4. Now when I train my body I combine Hypnosis along with H.I.T. and its been great. Just the other day I did 21 legs extensions using 100 pound resistance while under hypnosis. Thanks again!..... John Powell "


To promote anabolism, our body can resort to anabolic agents, that is to say, substances or material to promote anabolism or increase our own production of testosterone. Testosterone is the most representative and important male hormone, with it's anabolic and androgenic properties. The androgen is produced by the Leydig cells in the gonads, or, the testicles. The final product is: Pure testosterone, which has two most important functions in our organism : Increase muscle building, and to promote masculine characteristics.

Proteins biosynthesis. Other major characteristics of testosterone is to accelerate the construction of the muscle tissue, (muscle building) increase the formation of red blood cells, (erythrocytes), regeneration, recovery after injuries or illnesses.

The signal to produce hormones often begins in the mind. The following advanced muscle growth program has been designed to maximize muscle growth and strength using multiple techniques. Extra desire and urge to workout will ensure that your muscles get enough stimulation, especially the pre-workout audio session, which will force out extra reps, pass the pain barrier and produce a better pump. the second phase of the program will ensure that you have a strong desire for certain muscle building foods.

The next phase will program your subconscious mind while you sleep to produce extra hgh and testo. I believe that this is the most beneficial and complete program in the world.


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bodybuilder curls with bicepA famous strong man Brad Baldwin from the USA asked me to help him to achieve better sets, so I compiled a new session called "Max-out" This session gives him a special anchor trigger word only to be used in certain sets to enable him to go to complete 100% failure, and ONLY putting the bar down when every single muscle fiber has been worn out. The anchor word is drummed into the subconscious mind as a cue to release more adrenaline, aggression, power, strength to enable and force out another rep. Fantastic for muscle mass and bodybuilding.


Pre Workout Maximization
Psych up



How can the self-hypnosis program help me with my muscle and strength training bodybuilding?

Use self-hypnosis as a tool to develop your strength and muscle to achieve greater goals. You will soon have an excellent mental advantage for bodybuilding. You will improve your physical and mental abilities for bodybuilding. After just one session of self-hypnosis your mind will become more analytical and focused. You will improve on important factors such as motivation, morale and especially a great desire to train harder. When your mind is focused with 100% concentration you improve your bodybuilding. With the ability to release more hormones while you sleep, improve your metabolism, and increase blood flow to the muscles. As your training for bodybuilding improves you will have the advantage of concentrated power, speed, and skill. You will have an extra boost of adrenaline, flexibility, and dominance

How can self-hypnosis benefit female bodybuilders?

finger holding a dumbellThere are many ways to help a female bodybuilder, and she is exactly the type of person who needs an alternative to the dangerous anabolic steroids that cause her to grow excess hair (even on the chest and beard) widen her jaw, produce acne, damage the liver, and the list is endless. My hypnosis methods can help her to produce better, safer, natural hormones, obtain a better blood flow to the muscles, better recovery, stimulate the appetite to eat certain foodstuffs, release strength hormones, reduce fat percentage, and gain muscle mass for muscle and strength training.

I need an extra edge for a competition in May, any ideas?

The only thing that'll be on your mind while you train is that you'll be stronger than before. Your movements will flow instinctively perfectly and automatically, with total power and speed, using your full potential and power. In each bodybuilding competition all your energy will flow directly from your subconscious mind and to the muscles in the form of explosive power. Self-hypnosis will help you to create more courage and power for muscle building. You will always be more relaxed but alert, concentrated and focused. You'll feel proud knowing that you are always increasing the effectiveness of your movement, and training, better, stronger faster. Your subconscious mind always knows exactly what you need to do to be stronger. The brain will send more ATP oxygen, glucose and blood flow to the muscles to create the perfect environment for lifting. You will feel your muscles pumping harder than before, you will feel like superman. You know this will happen, and even now you are feeling a strong desire to train. Your muscles are itching to be used, itching to lift weights and train harder than before, perfect for natural muscle building

If I use a hypnotic muscle growth Mp3, must I change my routine?

When you start a hypnotic bodybuilding course you will find that the extra strength, and better recovery will allow a bodybuilder to change his muscle building routine into a more appropriate program, allowing for more massive gains.

I am a natural bodybuilder, can self-hypnosis give me the edge to compete with other bodybuilders that take artificial testosterone?

The answer is probably no. Competitive bodybuilders that take anabolic enhancing chemicals e.g.. Clenbutorol, insulin, thyroid hormones, steroids, hgh etc., have an obvious advantage. To compete against competitive pro bodybuilders you need, to practice with self-hypnosis, many hours of spare time, amazing energy, good genetics, a passion to win. So my advise is to use bodybuilding as a health and fitness hobby, and if competition really excites you, then there is the possibility of participating in natural bodybuilding competitions for healthy bodybuilders. Self-hypnosis will give you the edge to compete in natural bodybuilding, fitness, or strength competitions, as your own muscle building progress grows.

How can self-hypnosis be used for female bodybuilder muscle growth?

Women produce very small amounts of testosterone (the anabolic, nitrogen retaining, androgenic hormone) which is a good thing, otherwise our ladies would have hairy flat chests and beards. Human Growth hormone is a (fairly) safe hormone with few side effects, and is used for burning fat, retaining nitrogen, building muscle and strength, cell growth and repair, and many other anabolic effects. This hormone is very expensive (about $1000/ week) illegal, hard to find, and must be kept refrigerated. Human Growth Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland of our brain, usually while we sleep or after heavy exercise. Known foods and nutrients have been proved to produce and release more of our own natural growth hormone.

Self-hypnosis is used in bodybuilding and muscle building to send a message to the subconscious mind while we sleep to produce and release more human growth hormone, and to have a special appetite for certain hgh releasing foods such as fava beans.

Female bodybuilders can also make use of self-hypnosis by using the effects of extra blood to the muscles, a greater passion to workout, better recovery, more energy, better sleep and rest, and more capable of passing the pain barrier, perfect for female muscle building.

How long will it take to build solid muscle?

Muscle building has so many factors that putting on a time scale is almost impossible but you will see good results within a month or two.
Diet is very important. Try to avoid estrogenic food sources, and boost your own testosterone by eating foods that contain indole 3 carbinol found in sprouts, cauliflor, spinach, watercress, cabbage. There are also plenty of foods that can increase your production and release of human growth hormone. see here:
GH foods

Can I listen to the self-hypnosis during a weight training session?

This is not recommended. The self-hypnosis inductions are very powerful, and contain binaural beats, shamanic rhythms, and many hypnotic tricks for creating somnambulism and deep hypnosis. Many bodybuilders use self hypnosis prior to a workout in a comfortable atmosphere, especially the pre workout audios " Max-out"

I have low testosterone levels, can the hypnotherapy Mp3 help me?

Like I just said in the previous question, self-hypnosis affirmations can order the pituitary gland to produce more gonadotrophin testosterone stimulating hormones, needed for muscle and strength training.

I do a lot of power-lifting and need more muscular strength, self-hypnosis can help?

Powerlifters have been using self-hypnosis to help their muscle building gains in many ways. The most important help is the capability of concentration and power. Hypnotherapy can help to achieve better recovery, a higher pain threshold, more mental capacity to break previous records, more passion, and better nutrition. see the weightlifting page

Most muscle men in my gym are using steroids and testosterone, is self-hypnosis compatible?

Yes, but I do not recommend using any artificial hormones for muscle building unless for top level competition.

I need to build muscle fast for a comp?

Listen to the audios everyday and sometimes twice per day, and give yourself extra muscle and strength training.

Does weight training produce more human growth hormone?

It has been demonstrated that training hard in a gym and other sports do produce more human growth hormone.

Can self-hypnosis make my mind produce more testosterone, insulin, and human growth hormone?

My audio-therapy can help the pituitary gland to release more human growth hormone and the gonads to produce more testosterone, but insulin is too dangerous to even attempt any type of production/release.

Is muscle building and fitness healthy if done daily without rest?

Bodybuilders and fitness athletes need rest to recover. Some bodybuilders will train minor muscles such as the calves or abdominals on their day of rest.

Does the Mp3 contain muscle building and bodybuilding gym routines ?

My audio pack contains special mental workouts for each body-part to do at home, using self hypnosis and then visualization. After the workout you'll feel pumped. There are so many muscle building workout routines, that it is difficult to promote just one workout plan. The routine must be discussed with the professional gym monitor /instructor, and are very personal, and you can watch the bodybuilding videos in this site here

Is natural bodybuilding safe?

Natural muscle building is much safer than pro bodybuilding. Less injuries, and better health.

Are female bodybuilders mostly taking artificial testosterone or human growth hormone?

If you observe a female bodybuilding line up on stage, you notice the lack of breasts, and the manly square jaw, the tell tale signs that the women are taking artificial steroids for their muscle building.



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