Deep Self Hypnosis Induction

Deepening methods:

First one must reach a medium trance state, then the hypnotist will continue to deepen the trance. There are numerous methods, and maybe he will start by saying something like:

"Your hand is so tightly closed that you are not capable of opening it...")

Method of passive deepening

This method consists of alternating suggestion with periods of silence, which can change between a few seconds and some minutes, during which, it is supposed that the subject deepens his hypnotic state himself. It is always convenient to prepare the subject.

From time to time the hypnotist will make him breathe, deeply, adding that to every new respiration, then the sleep sensation will increase. Gestures can be established with the patient, for example, to touch his hand on his shoulder, saying to him that in this moment he will submerge into a deep sleep and will hear neither sound, nor noise until I touch him again. Such periods shouldn't, nevertheless, be too lengthy (no more than ten minutes every time), otherwise, there's the problem in which the subject goes from the hypnosis state to a normal sleep.

1956 method of active deepening

We are going to achieve this deepening by making the subject believe that he has no bodily control.


"I am going to caress your arm. Little by little you will notice that it becomes heavier and heavier, up to such a point that you are not capable of moving it. I will count from one to five, and when I say five, the arm will weigh so much that it will be impossible to raise it."

The hypnotist counts slowly, with heaviness suggestions. Come to five, he will raise the arm of the subject dropping it again; if he is unable to support it, it means that he is in a deep situation and that it's possible to proceed to a further deepening of this state. If he resists and supports his arm up high, it is necessary to begin again from the beginning, insisting that in the second test he will feel the arm much heavier than in the first one.

To obtain the cataleptic rigidity, the hypnotist raises the arm of the subject placing it horizontally at a height of the shoulder, and after three or four times having stretched it lightly, says:

"You will have noticed that your arm has become very heavy, like the lead. It will turn to steel or like a stone. While I caress your arm, you will see how the arm will become rigid, the muscles will contract and harden."

The hypnotist continues caressing the arm above and below, until he warns that the muscles are so rigid. Then he continues: "Here your arm is so hard that it is impossible to bend it. I am trying, but I cannot bend it. Try it yourself. Do you see? It does not bend".

If this test is positive, it is added:

"Now relax completely, relax the muscles of the arm. The arm either is not hard, it is already much more flexible, neither heavy. Everything is normal. If I want to bend it, it bends."

And he continues:

"Have you seen how the arm can bend? It relaxes the whole body and you sleep deeply, more deeply than before."

"Now sleep deeply, more and more, deeply." etc.