Hypnosis for Happiness

Enjoy Life

Change the automatic messages in your subconscious mind using self-hypnosis and replace them with positive thoughts about all the happy thoughts and events around you.

Be Funny

Excellent self-hypnosis audios to transmit your new sense of humor, to become funny and sociable, full of charm, wit, bubbly, and outgoing. You'll be invited to all the parties.

Brain Stimulant

The best way to stimulant your mind without using chemicals. Excellent for study or for sport where one needs to be alert and totally focused

Self Discipline

Self help audios to boost your self-control and to become perfectly disciplined and organized. We often become slaves of our animal instincts and find it hard to stay in the correct lane of life, and we need to change the message.

Be Ambitious

Sometimes we caught up in a boring routine and feel trapped. These self-hypnosis programs will boost your energy and your will to succeed. They will enable you to achieve your dreams and goals, with ambition, passion, energy and ideas.

More Charisma

Sometimes our subconscious mind can hold us back, making us timid and introvert. These audios using hypnotherapy will help to change the inner messages and replace our thoughts with positive affirmations and expressions.

Self Love

Overcome Grief

More Self Esteem

Stop Worrying

Be Yourself


This special set of audio hypnosis has been designed to boost and stimulate your mood, to make you feel a warm happy pleasure in your mind and body, euphoric and full of endorphins.

More Energy

Boost your energy with self-hypnosis to become alert and awake with a strong desire to achieve your goals with pleasure and ambition, full of speed and dynamic power.

More Creativity

Using self-hypnosis to boost your naturally creativity that we all have hidden away deep inside our subconscious minds

Attract Good Luck

some people have plenty of money and good health but if you lack good luck then you will suffer. This attraction is quite simple: you need positive karma and a strong desire. This simple formula will help you to realize your dreams.


People are strange and we're all different so to become popular and charismatic we have to react to each person. This pack for socializing will help you to become more extrovert and friendly for meeting new people and friends.

Self Confidence

Lack of self-confidence is so negative in our lives, and brings us down. These self-help tracks will change your inner messages to positive pride and self-love. You'll soon find yourself more extrovert, outgoing and confident.

Mental High

Self Worth

Be Optimistic

Positive Karma

Think Positive