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How to Forget Someone

Get over your ex and be free!


Have you ever found yourself trying to forget your ex partner, but no matter how hard you try the negative memories keep flooding back, filling your mind with emotion? Time goes by but the empowering feelings of your ex don't seem to fade away, and sometimes get stronger, intruding your mind and forcing you to wallow in self pity.

Imagine being free of unwanted thoughts

Imagine having a free clean mind, comfortable and clear headed, looking forward to carrying out your new goals and plans. Imagine that you can listen to romantic music, or watch the TV without interference from haunting past memories of someone, or visit certain places without being constantly reminded of the past. Imagine that your head was always sharp, clear, and concentrated because you're free of emotional memories. Think about how nice it would be to engage your time with other friends and family and enjoy every moment, free of unwanted thoughts.


forget someone

What people are saying:

I had a bad relationship for over 4 years, and at first it was a bed of roses, we played tennis together, wrote poems, painted her portrait, went to the cinema each week and often shared a romantic candlelit dinner. But after a few months I realized that our characters were just not compatible, and we had to go our separate ways. But breaking up was hard, we got back together several times, but each time was just like before. When we finally ended for good, I thought that just like everyone we'd have a period of sadness for a week or so, but didn't realize that it could last for a long time, and I just wanted to get over her. I kept checking for cellphone messages, looking for her online, and waiting for the phone to ring. If the call was from someone else it would be such a let down. Then the memories from the past kept on flooding back, especially the good times. Certain perfumes, and smells would remind me of her. I had to avoid the places where we used to go.

Something deep inside me kept on urging me to call her, I deleted her number from my agenda but it was still in my memory. I found it difficult to go out and find new friends. I desperately needed some self help.

I used self-hypnosis from Paul and listened to it each day for a week. I was interested in wiping away the memories, especially her name. The new program worked well, and after one week, she was unimportant to me. The second week was even better, as I felt a new man full of self esteem, with new goals, plans and ambitions with new ideas,values, and much more optimistic. After about a month I was ready to find a new relationship, I was going to clubs and meeting new friends, I was confident, proud, with a lot more self-love. She even called me and had to think hard who she was, then when I realized, I imagined that I knew her from school many decades ago. She was just as important as a blot on the wall, so I had the freedom to live using the clear, sharp, logical part of my brain, while the emotions were kept at bay.

A New Life



Hypnosis can delete those memories and images in your mind and can replace them with new fresh messages of optimism and ambition, withyour new positive happy future.

We all have memories of our past relationships that can become simple neutral nostalgia without importance or devastating, bitter thoughts, but in time they tend to fade away. Some people can forget in a matter of weeks while for others in can take years without proper help.

Self hypnosis is highly effective for reducing the pain and for putting your ex partner as a simple far off thought without much importance.

We simply eliminate annoying thoughts from our subconscious mind and replace them with more positive memories. As well as an excellent solution for getting over an old relationship the hypnotic inductions to trance are very relaxing. These mp3s will teach you relax at will by controlling your breathing and by creating a contact between your mind and your subconscious part of your brain that's responsible for relaxing.

You will be able to free yourself of stress and negative thoughts, and find it easy to forget those dramatic episodes, to become peaceful, happy, nd free.

You will be so free of those unwanted thoughts that you may even consider starting a new relationship and build up a new love, or maybe you already have a new partner but those memories of your ex keep coming back to haunt you. You will soon overcome these annoying, pestering, unwanted thoughts.

This problem is not rare or uncommon, but happens to most of us. We have different levels created by hundreds of factors. Some find it easy to forget and pass on, while others find themselves tortured and haunted, with no idea of a solution. It's not really something you can deal with by a doctor, and psychology takes a very long time. That's the great advantage of hypnosis. It replaces old annoying thoughts instantly. Some people may need some time to reach a trance state, and that's why I have included in every pack ten different trance inductions to choose from. Some people might prefer a beach scene while others may be afraid of the ocean and prefer a countryside or the Sahar desert.

You will the confidence to know that your fears and negative emotions wil disappear forever.

I recommend that you try my program, because Hypnosis can wipe out those memories and images, and plug in new messages of optimism and ambition, with a positive bright new happy future. Produced with high quality stereo Dolby with various inductions for trance using sound effects, and beautiful music, and carefully designed affirmations for getting over a bad relationship.  

Now you have the chance to download this exciting program to forget someone using powerful trusted techniques that will guarantee a new free life, because this person will be reduced to just a faded memory almost like a stranger. Soon you'll say good-bye to haunting, emotional memories, enabling you to be totally free, vital, focused, and down to earth.


 Now you take advantage of this amazing therapy with the latest technology that offers you a wide variety of inductions to trance and numerous affirmations to get over an ex and to break up without the negative emotions. Your fears, anxiety, negative thoughts and emotions will disappear forever, leaving you more confident, and emotionally stronger for making better decisions.

You'll always have a clear stronger mind when trying to end a relationship


How to forget someone

Probably most of us at one point in our life have suffered the end of a relationship and no matter how hard we try to forget the memories keep flooding back, and sometimes filled with emotion. Time goes by and sometimes the thoughts and memories can get worse. The best thing we can do is wipe away those memories using self-hypnosis leaving the ex as an almost stranger. You'll be enthusiastic about your future, ambicious, and positive, and always find it easy to dominate your emotions.


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