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ribbon multicoloured gay emblemHomosexuals who wish to come out of the closet and feel proud of their sexuality, should concentrate on boosting self esteem and self-assurance, especially when confronted with a direct association towards their sexuality, and also for dating, and meeting new friends. Self-hypnosis is the most effective solution.

In today's society especially in certain parts of the world people are still living in the dark ages with the acceptance and understand of homosexuality. Many gay men feel repressed, frustrated, and often withdrawn because they are still not yet free to live a normal life without hiding their sexuality.

Acceptance, Dating, Pride & Self-assurance

Some gay men are openly free and liberated and can talk about their sexual orientation easily to anyone, but only in certain modern countries such as Spain, Australia, UK etc. while others don't actually hide their sexual feelings but instead prefer a low cover because they are afraid of what friends and family may think.

The following set of Mp3s will transform a shy gay man into a confident, openly free, and proud person.

With this program there's no need to hide or shy away from anything. Step by step system for coming out of the closet.

You will feel a new self-love full of ego and pride, and able to walk with your head held high and feel 100% part of society, equal, free, and normal.


I like other males but I'm not homosexual, what help is there for me?

Maybe you have an identity problemor a bit confused. I doubt that you're pretending to be heterosexual, but your feelings are completely unacceptable to you. When you recognize that a homosexual nature does exist, then it can make you sensitive, and self-conscious. You should be careful now at this stage and try not to force yourself to be black or white just yet.







Can I come out of the closet in one day?

People don't realize that coming out has predictable, observable stages. When you become familiar with the stages, you can learn to know where are your friends and how they'll progress. The special downloads for homosexuality can help you to understand these stages. Stages do not necessarily occur in the same order. Gay guys may jump back and forth, in and out of each stage or linger in some as well. It may be years before some men move on, but self-hypnosis is a solution for implanting a new message of self-assurance and pride deep into your subconscious mind forever.

There are various stages that guys usually go through while coming out of the homosexual closet. Firstly they may feel confused, then compare themselves to other gays, the tolerance stage is where they are simply tolerating their sexuality without totally coming out, then we have the acceptance stage, and finally pride. The following self-hypnosis program has been designed to boost your self esteem, ready for coming out and or dating.


I have a gay neighbor who has dyed hair, piercings, tattoos, and wears pro gay T-shirts, he delights in shocking others, kissing in public and telling everyone about his homosexuality, to draw attention, will a program using self-hypnosis make me like him?

His rebellious attitude will fade away soon enough, it's similar to a Hetero adolescent in the teen phase, even though he may have an older body, it's still immaturity. The following program has been designed to promote enough self esteem, that sexuality becomes a normal, private, and personal theme.

I hate heterosexuals for making me feel bad about my sexuality?

The combination of anger and pride impels you to become heavily, passionately angry especially against homophobic men. Maybe you would like to be involved in rights organizations and gay-pride marches. Men in the forefront of certain marches are often predominately those in the latest stages of coming-out. At this stage of integration, the "them and us" concept breaks down. Homosexual males begin to understand that not all heterosexuals are homophobes. Like older males, they can now relax their militant stance and reintegrate themselves into society. They understand that there are "good straights" and "bad straights," that homophobia does not need to dominate their life, and that they can relate to both gays and straights without losing any self-assurance. The following self-hypnosis audio-therapy will help you to understand heterosexual feelings as well as other homosexuals.

I am not ready to become fully gay, but I really want to come out of the closet, what can I do?

There are various self help groups that can give you some good advice, or even use the following program to change your simple tolerance to accepting yourself, and discover a new sense of identification and belonging to the community as a whole. You may feel increasing anger at homophobic segments of society, which is not unhealthy, while your doubts and self-hatred that were once directed inward are now turned outward at more deserving targets.

I have a friend who is very promiscuous, obnoxiously loud, and party's too much, I would hate to be this type of person?

This is just an acting-out behavior all part of the coming out, and usually lasting only 2 to 3 years, and has little to nothing to do with identity.


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