What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal altered state of consciousness, which has nothing to do with sleep. In a trance state your mind remains focused and clear but deeply relaxed, just like a daydream or while at the cinema or driving home. A typical myth about hypnosis is the fear of not being able to wake up after a session, but even the most deepest trance is only temporary.

Some people may be afraid of having a bad trip or experience something frightening, but a hypnotic trance is very enjoyable, and after waking you'll feel relaxed, content, and happy. My exciting guided self-hypnosis audios have been designed to make the journey pleasurable, exciting and peaceful. A Minority of people can reach such a deep state of trance that after waking up they only recall a small part of their session, but even so, the information has still been recorded into the subconscious mind. Just before each affirmation session you will hear my voice telling you to pay full attention and to concentrate on each word.

Hypnosis has progressed in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, many hypnotists are still using old established techniques which only work for a few people. In this respect we are not all the same, so different techniques must be used depending on each personality. I also utilize special brain wave training and binaural beats or isochronic pulses to induce the mind into a theta trance. The Shamanic drum rhythms also used by natives produce deep trance states. In each self-hypnosis session I try to include every technique and method possible to cater for all types of people, with the advantage of the special effects, only available using stereo headphones for those that need an extra deepening process.