Hypnosis for Money & Business

create money and wealth


Wealth Creation

A complete wealth pack, including goals, plans, ambition, strategy, karma, and lottery advantage. Attract your fortune now. Fully guaranteed.

Public Speaking

Excellent for wedding speeches, business meetings, seminar, congress, birthdays, and any public event.

Inventions Ideas

Find a new powerful inspiration with a more open mind. Now you can tap into your right hemisphere, and open your creativity, and talent zone.

Attract Good Luck

Attract good luck to your life and achieve better health, love, and wealth. Learn how to create a new luck plan today, and start your new future.

Learn 7 languages

Learn the main popular phrases of the most common languages such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Speed Reading

This audio program will help you to read and digest page by page, and ignore the common words. Used by top professionals to analyze vasts amount of information.

Sell your house

Attract more clients and viewers, know the right things to say and what to avoid, and to give off a sincere image with honest expressions

Stop Spending

This audio is excellent for stopping thrifty compulsive shopping with hypnosis and guided meditation. Control the urge to purchase, and buy unwanted products.

Positive Karma

Learning how to clean up your bad past karmic debt, and replace with a positive change to attract good luck and fortune into your life and your family


Sometimes we have dreams and goals but get frustrated because we don't have the energy to pursue them, that's when we need to get motivated. We need to boost our passion with self-hypnosis, and work with pleasure.

Be Positive

Being negative is so detrimental to your life that it even punishes ourselves. Having a positive mind will help your daily life in so many ways. Positive thinking is the key to most success, because negative feelings just pull us down.


Every aspect of the psychology of selling, including charisma, confidence with the help of covert hypnosis, you'll express sincerity and charm.


This session has been created for company directors, politicians and leaders, to become powerful & dominant

Learn Spanish

Learn to speak Spanish fast. When your subconscious mind is so relaxed you learn more verbs & phrases, and oral Spanish, even when you sleep.


Save Money

Tricks for saving money with good husbandry. Replacing old bad accounting with new methods of saving money energy and costs.


Sometimes negative thoughts can stand in your way of progress. This audio is the best method for boosting ambition goals and dreams.


Extra energy and motivation for learning with better brain power, intelligence with clear, sharp, faster thinking, super memory, and improved understanding.


Emotional intelligence is very important at an interview. You'll sell yourself with confidence, self-esteem, charisma, intelligence, serious, and sharp

Speed Typing

Learn how to type fast up to 100 wpm for typewriter or keyboard. Improve your curriculum for seeking employment, or impress the boss for extra salary.

Online Sales

Boost your ability to create an attractive, positive and trustworthy web-site to increase your google rankings and to improve your sales

Become Successful

The key to becoming successful in any field is to get into the right frame of mind. Hypnosis will help you to become a winner by changing the way you think. You need to have confidence, motivation, and energy to reach your goals.


Now is the time for you to give your life a new boost, and reach out to your dreams. Hypnosis is the tool to fill your subconscious mind with successful affirmations, new ideas, confidence, and a strong will to succeed.