Mp3s for Languages

Hypnosis for Languages

Arabic, Chinese, French, German
Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese

multi language phrases with hypnosis

The main advantage of learning with hypnosis is the speed of success. It's quite possible to learn the basic phrases of 8 languages in only 1 week. Absorbing the information is faster with self-hypnosis, because learning a language is easier, and more effective when one uses a self-hypnosis program. While in a medium trance state our subconscious mind becomes more receptive, a better memory for words, and phrases, and easier access to the language part of the brain.

A sound is much easier to remember than a word in a text book. Now you can easily remember to say hello, it's a nice day, in Chinese, Russian or Arabic, and create instant respect. Ideal for new business trips, and for signing new deals in foreign countries. This is not a deep intensive time consuming course, but rather a novel method of learning the most usual phrases in many languages, in order to be polite and courteous, and show your intelligence and culture.

An excellent way to impress a new date by speaking a few lines in a Chinese restaurant, or in a Spanish tapas bar. Your curriculum vitae will be transformed.

Fantastic for business & Creates instant respect

Helping you to apply for a wider range of employment.

This language course contains many phrases in other languages and for repeating and copying the correct pronunciation and for a perfect oral practice. Learn to speak another language such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Italian,French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.

The advantage of hypnosis to learn another language conversation is the capacity to memorize the translations easier, and that is why there are many people who are aspiring to know how to speak another language in order for them to understand different people.