Mp3s for Regression

Past Life Regression

Now you have the opportunity to regress far back into your past, before your childhood, before the womb, and discover your own past-life. The self-hypnosis will help you to reach a deep trance.

Going back to a past life using self hypnosis can help you to unravel certain mysteries. Maybe you will discover why you have certain attitudes, desires, tastes, and why you seem to be especially good at certain tasks. The great advantage of delving into your past life is that you can find out what were your achievements and your experiences that may help you now in this present day.


Discover who you really were with hypnosis

Maybe you could discover that you were excellent at poetry, or painting, music, or sport and you may wish to take up the same tasks today.

You will go back to a happy period, to see yourself smiling and content. Maybe the images and memories come to you in black and white, and sometimes they have full vivid colors. You can choose between watching yourself as the third person as if you are watching a giant TV screen, or you can experience yourself exactly how you were, and how you felt.