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Better Singing with Hypnosis

Do you often find yourself trying to sing with a poor posture? Are you singing with tension in your larynx, and improper breathing control? Do you sometimes find yourself over- supporting or "pushing" the airstream, or singing out of tune? Would you like to increase your pitch range, and improve your tone? Do you find yourself with little self-confidence?

Imagine that you could expand your vocal flexibility and agility to sing with an abundant airstream with better diaphragmatic support, to sound clear, with a resonant tone .

One of the most successful advantages for singing like a pro, using self-hypnosis to give extra motivation for practicing the tones, and better voice control. You will learn to sing automatically using your diaphragm, and conserving your precious air as you sing.

You'll learn how to warm up your voice, and practice the exercises for strengthening your vocal chords, creating more harmony, and power. 90% of your singing ability should come from your subconscious mind and in particular from the right hemisphere of your brain.

Improve your singing voice

You will start to sing better with a perfect tone and volume. You'll automatically produce the perfect sounds because your mind will have a new program. You'll have a stronger desire and passion to sing, and to practice. You will stretch your vocal range and understand the dynamics of singing.

If you believe that your mind can control your singing, and give you the motivation that you need, then you will also know that self-hypnosis will give you that extra advantage. Not only will you improve your tone and vocal range but you'll be able to sing with more personality, with an authentic and original style.

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