Stage Hypnotism 

What would you do if you were called on stage? Would you spoil the fun, or play along and be a sport? Many volunteers are friends of the hypnotist or have been paid. Turning such a wonderful alternative medicine and self-help into a circus show with such bad taste, and I believe that it should be regulated or controlled. In saying that, the problem stemmed from Hollywood who transformed this wonderful healthy science into something darker, occult, supernatural or magic, and often frightening or controlling.

Many excellent fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapists often turn to stage hypnosis to increase their income. The hypnosis therapy works so well that clients don't need to return to the hypnotherapist, they stop smoking in a couple of sessions, or sleep like a log, whereas other psychological methods often take years, meanwhile this type of therapist has a handsome steady income.

Many supposed hypnotic tricks are merely fakes, such as the rigid body suspended between two chairs, or by telling a subject that he cannot speak, but then not even asking him a question, so that he remains silent anyway. With magic, we all know that every part of the show is a trick, but with hypnosis the audience is just not sure. There is no measurable state of hypnosis, so that it's quite difficult to prove, unless the subject has reached a very deep trance, and here we can observe REM and other physiological clues.