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Attract Money & Business

Now is your chance to turn your life around and give yourself a massive boost of wealth and prosperity using the powers of your own mind, and your own built in creativity and your natural talent.

The mind is very powerful and can easily influence other people, increase trust, charisma, and become a winner, an expert in sales and business, an impressionable leader, a person to admire.

In this 4 hour wealth creation pack we've tried to include every aspect of gaining wealth and becoming a millionaire. Learn how to sell yourself, take advantage of your own experience, and the experience of your subconscious mind (which is enormously vast), become successful and wealthy. If you need a new luxury house or a top of the range car, a holiday in exotic places, and give yourself a safer secure future without sweat and back pain, then now you have the opportunity to achieve these prosperity dreams.

By seeing your new wealth creation in the invisible form and experiencing it through creative visualization, you are clearing the channels of any opposing views, and negative effects. By loving what you see with passion you are focusing the flow of divine energy through your mind towards prosperity.

By performing prosperity affirmations, you are guiding your subconscious mind, setting the message of motivation, passion, worth, and success, a powerful desire to be wealthy, and putting the secret of the prosperity creating process at a higher priority.

To learn to manifest the fulfillment of your desires and wishes, and become more proficient with the treatment, you will find that your consciousness expands until the entire process of wealth creation is accomplished independently of your thinking, with passion and desire.


create money and wealth

All the following Albums are Included : 

Ideas Inventions
Self-hypnosis is the prefect tool for unlocking the power in your right brain hemisphere to inspire and motivate successful ideas and inventions for wealth. Helping you to discover solutions to old problems and to turn them into new inventions. Simply transform your vague idea into the spark that lights up your light bulb and create this new idea for pleasure and for making money.

Interview Success
These hypnotic Mp3s can help you to be more confident, with more self esteem, and give off a charismatic image to impress potential clients with your new charm and sense of expertise.
By changing your subliminal gestures, expressions and mannerisms, the way you move your eyes, raise your eyebrows, arms, walk, handshake, posture, smile, and everything that expressed your image and your personality bursting with positive aura, and influence, to win each interview for your future prosperity.

Attract Business
You will discover the art of the art of giving off a convincing, trustworthy, sincere, honest character, using expressions, aura, eye power, gestures with confidence and pride in yourself, so very sure of your words, convincing people to appreciate your advice and to be charmed and influenced by you. You will give off a charming character trustworthy honest reliable, knowledgeable, wise, sharp, witty, friendly, and give off an image of being lucky, and this is very attractive to potential business clients for attracting prosperity.

Positive Karma
Newtons cause and effect theory, states that everything has an equal effect. Your subconscious mind can show you how to act correctly in order to attract a positive karma, and achieve your plans, goals, prosperity, abundance, ideas, ambitions, and enjoy life to the full.

Attract Good Luck
From now on you are going to attract luck like never before. Each day and every day you will attract more and more good luck. You now have a very strong desire to attract good luck. You have a strong desire to clean up any bad karma by doing good to others and helping people. Become a magnet for good luck, feel good luck sucking towards you, and grant your good luck from the universal supply. Attract luck with visualization, and deep thought with repetitive positive phrases. HYPNOSIS is an amazing tool for programming the mind into a positive attitude for luck attraction and prosperity.

Believing in Wealth
Before you can achieve any positive results with prosperity and wealth creation first you have to believe that this millionaire life is your real true future. Listening to this self hypnosis audio is the best way to create wealth and belief in your near future. You will put wealth at the top of your wish list to become more passionate, money will make you feel excited, and positive.

With the help of this self hypnosis prosperity program now you can change your life and fill your world with prosperity. At part from the obvious advantage of security and leisure time, you will also have the opportunity to buy top quality items, eat in high class restaurants without checking the Prices on the menu, choose top quality dress, drive a car that suits your personality, take up enjoyable hobbies, and have the possibility to care for your family and fill your life with love and happiness.

Stairway to Prosperity
This wealth creation audio has been included for the purpose of positive visualization. You will follow a guided journey down a staircase to come across a private beach full of riches, gold, diamonds, prosperity and cash. Sometimes visualization is necessary before the actual wealth program can manifest, because some people are stuck in a negative outlook of their own future. Deep hypnosis is the best way for implanting these positive images into our subconscious mind.

Universal Wealth
Sometimes we go around thinking negative things about prosperity. Whether it be jealousy, envy, or fairness, we often find negative aspects about other rich wealthy billionaires, and to calm our own lack of money, we may say things like; " too much money causes problems" or only the poor get to heaven" or "if I win the lottery I may have to choose other friends" You may believe in God, maybe you have a tiny belief in spirits, or Buddhism, telepathy, shamanism, occult, lucky charms, dreams, or just the pure attraction of good luck, so this is your chance to speak out loud and grant yourself your wish. Maybe you are personally guided by some external force, and if so, you should tell them exactly what you want, instead of those negative thoughts.

Wealth Promise
It does not harm to make yourself a little promise before you earn a significant sum of money on your road to prosperity. Maybe you might want to reassure your own subconscious mind that your extra cash won't be wasted, or spent in a selfish manner, or that you may even want to put a small percentage of the gain towards a charity organization, leaving you feeling more positive, and symbolically cleaning your own self image and maybe your karma too.

This powerful program for positive visualization will put yourself into a total belief and real look into your own wealthy future living the life of a millionaire. Self Hypnosis and binaural brainwave audios are the best tool for you now to achieve your wish for prosperity, wealth creation, and abundance.

Road Map
Some people just sit back and wait for wealth to come raining down, but the fastest way to achieve wealth creation is by making a wealth plan. Using your best qualifications, experience, knowledge in certain areas you can adjust your goals and plans to suit you and to try and create a future that you will enjoy. As you start to work on your new project you will soon discover that new roads will open for you. It's not all hard work and sweat, your faith, visualization, passion, desire, promise, plan and experience will soon open the doors to success.


Authentic Testimonial 

Hi Paul

I would like to Thank you very much for your great work. I feel very sure to have taken my decision to trust you and your programs. It was one of my most important and best decisions of my life ever. As you already know I have downloaded some of your programs and I am 100% satisfied with them. My Boss at work( he is also 42 like me and we are working since 4 years together) came last Friday to me and apologized for his aggressive behaviors in the past. Most importantly to me is that I feel and enjoy very much this good positive change. I am taking challenges in my life now much more easier. Your programs help to concentrate on my goals and they also give me much more benefits in all the other areas of life too. That's amazing. In other words, I started to see the bright side of life. It seems that I am in a wonderful dream. Thank god and thank you. I will always take a notice on my music videos and blogs, to honor your name and your site, I hope you allow it. Your success program helped me a lot, and it can help many other people, and that's the reason I will always recommend you. But more that, I see in you a very kind and a wise good friend who has a God-given talent and he uses it to make other people find their way of Luck.

 Hypnosis for Wealth, Prosperity & Fortune

How to Become a Millionaire 

Q&A : Wealth Creation:


How can hypnosis help me to create wealth?

By seeing prosperity in the invisible form and experiencing it through creative visualization, you are clearing the channels of any opposing views, and negative effects. By loving what you see with passion you are focusing the flow of divine energy through your subconscious mind. By performing affirmations, you are taking an act of faith, and putting the secret of prosperity cast creating process at a higher priority. and to learn to manifest the fulfillment of your desires and wishes, and become more proficient with the treatment, you will find that your consciousness expands until the entire process is accomplished independently of your thinking, with passion and desire.


What is the secret power to gain wealth and money by using the power of visualization and get rich fast?

The benefits are great, including the increase of self-confidence, pride and optimism. The words "wealth, Rich, Money" spoken out loud are very powerful and will create fast results. The affirmations are positive declarations that you write and/or read every day until you attract your life's wishes. The use of positive affirmations is one of the most powerful things that you can use.


How to create money using the dynamic laws of prosperity to create easy money and fast cash?

These self-hypnosis audios will change your whole attitude to wealth creation and put yourself into the positive mode.

Is it true that Chinese good luck symbols can help me achieve prosperity and wealth?

You can certainly bring good luck on faster with self hypnosis, but I doubt if any Chinese symbol would be of any help, unless there is plenty of faith in that thinking.


Secret law of attraction for wealth

There are numerous techniques to create financial prosperity, such as the power of prosperity affirmations and positive thinking, but first any prosperity automated system has to be connected with a positive prosperity consciousness.

How can I make money fast?

The fastest way is by manifesting prosperity thought the technique of hypnotic affirmations

Is the hypnosis Mp3 available right now for downloading from this site?

Success is to create something when you need it, it is to love and to respect others and yourself, it is to grow and to learn of all your experiences. Success measures itself for quality and for the happiness that exists in your life. To be rich is to have money and to realize your work. Money is an energy, and we should try to understand exactly how this energy works and how to use it in your life.

Giving is an important part of receiving. When they are used repeatedly, the positive affirmations reschedule your subconscious mind. There are positive instructions that replace the old beliefs by those that you need now to show exactly what you wish.

When we direct our thought to something with intention, for example the fact that we do not have enough wealth, we will attract all that supports this thought. I believe that from the moment that we begin to realize the work of our life the entire universe supports us.

Power of Wealth hypnosis

I know that those without wealth believe: "Life happens to me." while wealthy rich play the wealth game to win, and most of the poor play the money game to survive, while millionaires are committed to being rich, while those without money want to be rich. The wealthy think big, as the poor think small. Most rich men think and focus on opportunities, and those without money focus on obstacles. Most rich men think and admire other rich and successful people, while the poor resent rich and successful people Millionaires associate with positive, successful people, and the poor associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

The wealthy billionaires are willing to promote themselves and their value, but those without money think negatively about selling and promotion.