Hypnotic Inductions

An induction to trance is a particular method of producing a state of trance which can be later deepened. The idea is to make the person very relaxed, and divert his attention, to tap into the right hemisphere of the brain (the area involved with dreaming, art, creativity, music, ) while the analytical left-hand side of the brain is turned off. In this state, you are highly suggestible, but this doesn't mean stupid or submissive, you still have full control. In a trance state you seem to have a better understanding of your life, problems, and performances, especially when it's spelt out to you.

The hypnotist is a guide, opening a door, or showing you the right road. There are hundreds of different methods and techniques, some are rapid and instant, while others may take 30 minutes. The most popular inductions are the handshake method, the progressive journey, counting backwards, spirals, breathing methods, walking down a staircase, direct gaze method, favorite place, and the arm drop method.

My self hypnosis inductions are very advanced, containing several different methods. The sound effects make it easier to visualize each situation. The journeys contain many techniques to persuade the listener to relax, and slowly sink into a soothing state of mind. Some people go very deep with just one session, while others may need to practice. After experience, the subconscious mind learns from certain cues and triggers when it's time to go into trance, and especially if the hypnotist has placed a key anchor word.

Now offering several different types of hypnosis inductions:

The Tropical Beach, The Secret Garden, The Spring Meadow, The Cosmic Voyage, The Military Bootcamp, The Lighthouse, The Amazon Rainforest, The Sahara Desert